62,58.94N x 007,24.49W Speed 2.8 knots. Course north. Wind F2 West.

Sumara set of at 0330 this morning and was followed later by Thembi. We have just heard from Thembi over the VHF and they have spotted us on the horizon. Thew wind has been fair for several hours and we have made a very pleasant run of about 40nm with air temperature of up to […]

We are underway!

62N x 007W. Force 3 Southerly. It’s 0450 GMT and we are just clearing the massive Faroese Cliffs which I believe are some of the highest in Europe (but don’t quote me on that). The tide was just right giving us a bit of a lift and sweeping us along in the calms under the […]

Departure Imminent

As the winds are easing now we are thinking of sailing on the next tide at 2am with Thembi following the next day. We went for a fine walk out to the island point this afternoon where I asked everyone to pose for a photo looking miserable. I had completely forgotten that we had Dan […]

Thembi Stops off at Eidi!

Thembi have just joined us in Eidi. They were going to sail on to Jan Mayen but saw our flourescent yellow radar reflector sheltering behind the harbour wall and decided to stop off to see us. The best laid plans thwarted! I have just recieved an email from Siggi: Hey Alasdair The best anchorage is […]

Not a Good Day for Sailing

We woke to creaking lines, howling rigging and a harbour full of white horses and decided to stay put but use the time to climb the Faroes highest hill – Slattaratindur at 882m. As we didn’t have a map we decided to seek local advice. The girl in the supermarket said there are no paths, […]

Bare Poles Down the Sundini

Sumara set off yesterday down the narrow gap between Streymoy and Eysturoy. We had calculated that the mean tide would be at 2037 GMT. The narrows from Torshavn to near the bridge have no tidal rise at all but just after the bridge the rise and fall is 2m. At high water the stream runs […]

Pre-departure Meeting

We all met up on Thembi last night go through any final details for the trip to Jan Mayen. Sumara will leave on Sunday to Eidi. We will clamber up the 887 m high hill near there on Monday as are final exercise before sailing north. Thembi, the faster yacht, will probably follow on Monday. […]

John has Arrived Safely

John flew in last night just in time to join us all having a grand curry on Thembi. Now the crew is all assembled (apart from Charlotte who is arriving in Jan Mayen on the Icelandic boat) we will have a big meeting this evening to finalise plans. The Thembi crew are off on a […]

Faroese Fishing Boats

  The small fishing boats here are very distinctive. You can see their Viking routes. They seem perfectly at home in the rough water around the island pulling up cod. Strangely the owners like to make the cabins look rather like big ship bridges with a series of small windows which seem to be in […]

Nolsoy and Thembi the Tanker

After knocking off some tasks in the morning Sarah and I thought we would treat ourselves to a good walk. We took the ferry to the island of Nolsoy just half an hour away and walked out to the lighthouse. A great walk about 2 hours each way along a path well marked with stone […]