A short video for a change

Scoresby Sund Expedition 2022. Day 31. 11th July 2022. Position: Moored Torshavn, Faroe Islands: Weather: Foggy drizzle. Sea Condition: Not too sure but a yacht has just been towed in dismasted!

Matteo, who has just completed sailing in the Round Britain and Ireland Race in his little Vertue told me to stop posting pictures of supermarkets and do some videos. In my defence, the pictures were hardware shops but I get the point. So here we go:

I had just finished this little video when there was a knock on the cabin roof.
“Harbour Authorities here, You must move now, we has a dismasted boat being towed in”.
More of that later.

2 responses to “A short video for a change”

  1. LOVED the video Al. Keep that up. Great idea to do this. Sorry the weather’s not up to much, will try a sunshine dance here with gentle winds for you tonight!
    If we can help sending anything out to you re the heater or anything let us know. Sending love x

  2. Awww, great to see you Alasdair & hear your voice.
    Such a shame about your heater controller…. If Ray was listening, & isn’t happy about the prospect of not having enough heat..you could maybe try & win him over by getting him his own Sheepskin like yours?!

    Alternatively just make every meal reeeeally spicy?!

    Would be very happy to share a bit of this heatwave with you… see what we can do.

    Hope Jannicke gets back OK & Torsten arrives in good time.

    Jo & Co xx

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