A Tricky Call

Scoresby Sund Expedition 2022

Day 22. 2nd July 2022

Position: Moored Ullapool

Wind: NW F4 Visibility: Good. Sea condition: Calm. Weather: Sunny Spells

Passage planning while I await my crew

Sometimes I wish it would just blow a full nasty gale, then you can shrug your shoulders and put the kettle on as there would be no point in trying to venture out until it calms down. Right now, the weather isn’t too bad, but the forecast is rather iffy to say the least. The long-range shipping forecast has it as Near Gale 7 mainly Westerly for the general Northern sea areas. The Hebrides forecast until tomorrow is becoming West or Northwest F4-F6. Northwest will be a pain getting out of Ullapool especially in a rough sea. Weatheronline is forecasting 44 mph gusts from SW or W on Sunday and Monday. Making use of the SW wind direction would help for clearing the Summer Isles. Its not looking like an easy ride if we leave on Sunday.

If we end up waiting it will probably mean hanging on until Monday evening, but then we may miss the potentially nice calm period in the Faroes. With the ferocious tides up there, there can be some very rough water with a wind-over-tide situation. Maybe its best to get the rough stuff out of the way first.

There are too many variables at the moment, they are making my brain boil.

However, I think I can now rule out leaving very early tomorrow morning because Jannicke’s train has just been delayed and she has missed the Inverness connection. So, the current plan is to collect Jannicke late this evening in the dinghy. She can sign the customs form which needs to be posted before we set off. We can then row back to the boat, light the paraffin lights, put on some soup and open a beer.

We can then go through all the safety gear first thing in the morning and check the latest weather before making a final decision. Will we go, or wait? Your guess is as good as mine!

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  1. Good luck Al. Loving the blog.

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