Laptops for Boats and Vans without spending a fortune!

14th December 2021 Rotherhithe Although I am more than happy to leave my laptop resting at home, there are certain voyages when they can be useful, or even virtually essential. I need one for my next trip to Greenland so that I can download ice charts and grib files*. I rather liked my old Toshiba […]


In the campervan we aim to keep all the cooking paraphernalia in one storage box under the famous back shelf. However, the kettle that we owned simply swallowed up all the space. I’ve been watching Rodger Barnes’ excellent videos about dinghy cruising. If you haven’t watched them, then I can highly recommend trying a few […]

I’ve just turned the fridge off!

The campervan fridge is set at 3 degrees and is working fine but, despite it being May, it is actually slightly colder outside! So, the beers will sit out there this evening while I bask under the Eberspacher heater to warm up. Yes, it is varnishing time in Scotland and it will pose the usual […]

Mending things is in vogue! The Sailrite sewing machine in action

4th May 2021 A couple of years ago I bought a Sailrite sewing machine. After an initial burst of enthusiasm it ended up in the garage. If you don’t know these machines, they are seriously tough but they are also very heavy, so when a little mending job cropped up it was too much effort […]