24th – 25th July 2013 Log 9,029 Boulogne certainly isn’t a destination port like, perhaps, Dieppe but it is a really useful harbour which can be entered under any conditions. Once around the starboard pier-head you should follow the wall for a short while until the white painted patch indicates the main channel taking you into […]


22nd – 23rd July 2013 Log 8,985   Although we arrived by accident, Dieppe takes a bit of beating. It is a thriving town with a typical French high street heaving in shops which seem to make a living by selling such specialities as tinned sardines. It also has an easy to access pebble beach […]


21st July 2013 Log 8,915 nm Well I’m homeless at the moment having sold my flat but not having yet moved into the new house in Rotherhithe. I have been commuting for a week from London to Brighton and staying on the Good Ship Sumara. Remind me not to commute in future! I wasn’t going […]