Down Below on a Vertue Yacht

11th May 2022 – Rotherhithe 32 days to go before the Scoresby Sund Expedition starts I often have people asking me what it is like sailing on such a small yacht. They are intrigued how everything fits in. Yachts seem to have grown in size a bit like cars, just look at the original Mini […]

New Vertue Spotted – Tom Thumb V111

August 2021 This is cheating because I haven’t actually seen Tom Thumb – yet. However, I did ask Kevin if he could look out for her as he was sailing from Craobh Marina on an enlarged circumnavigation of Mull. He kindly sent me these photos. Kevin, by the way, looks after the Shackleton Museum in […]

New Vertue Spotted – Merganser V47

We were launching our little dinghy during the bank holiday weekend that the weather forecasters said would be glorious blue skies with temperatures in the mid-twenties but were surprised to find ourselves wearing our Rab belay jackets and the poor dog started shivering! A nice man who I have met before and completely forgotten his […]

New Vertue Spotted – Outlander Vertue II

Well not quite “newly spotted” as I knew that Ranulph had his Vertue 2 moored at Dunstaffnage. It has a small bowsprit which must add to the marina mooring fees, but as Ranulph is the Marina Manager I suppose that isn’t too much of an issue! There are many different rigs on Vertues. The common […]

Sumara of Weymouth has a ReFit

In 2018 the engineer at Pin Mill told me that he felt the life of Sumara’s engine was coming to an end and it could conk out at any time. He had replaced the inboard shaft bearing but it continued to spray some oil. Maybe the pressure was building up? Then my friend Philip told […]

New Vertue Spotted – Mea V89

During my rather too short summer holiday whilst in West Mersea I spotted this fine Cheoy Lee built Vertue called Mea. Andrew, the friendly driver of the club launch, also pointed to another Vertue moored a few cables away but I can’t recall the name. Mea was built in 1959 of teak on ipol frames with […]

New Vertue Spotted Cilix V210

23rd May 2016Just after we arrived in Troon Harbour a nice varnished boat arrived. It was a Vertue called Cilix. She was built in Holland in 1993 from green oak frames and iroko planking. Alan was the owner and he had sailed from her base on the River Fal in Cornwall. Alan will be sailing […]

The End of the Sailing Season for Sumara

I’d arranged to have Sumara hauled out at the end of September. Of course it was sod’s law that the first few weekends in October have been warm and sunny with a gentle sailing breeze. At least the sails were packed away nice and dry. She will winter in Harry Kings Yard at Pin Mill. […]

Notes from the East Coast – Wrabness to Woodbridge

We left Wrabness to join up with Torsten on Folia in Titchmarsh Marina. It is a while since I’ve sailed in the Walton Backwaters and I’ve always had fond memories of anchoring at Stone Point. Torsten was due to arrive with a couple of friends late on the Friday evening so while we waited we walked […]

Notes from the East Coast – London to Wrabness

After a hectic year it was with some relief that we were able to slip out of South Dock on a late Sunday afternoon tide with two weeks of sailing ahead. There were no exciting voyages planned just a bit of gentle sailing around the muddy waters of the Thames Estuary. The tide kicked in […]