Sumara of Weymouth has a ReFit

In 2018 the engineer at Pin Mill told me that he felt the life of Sumara’s engine was coming to an end and it could conk out at any time. He had replaced the inboard shaft bearing but it continued to spray some oil. Maybe the pressure was building up? Then my friend Philip told […]

Whoops rather a long gap between posts!

I’m still alive and really looking forward to 2019. The reason for the long pause was that something had to give way. The Arthur Beale project has proved surprisingly exhausting especially on top of the stress of running my other company so I had to let things go. It got so bad that I almost […]

Underway 09.15 GMT Friday 17th June

N59 x W005. Abeam the Rock of Rona. Easterley F4 We left Ullapool at 1400 Thursday 16th June and beat into a light wind and a foul tide. We knew it wasn’t the perfect time to leave tide wise but were eager to get underway. The wind died soon after and we motored past the […]

Preparing for the Faroes

Ullapool. F2 SE. Just started to rain. Torsten caught the bus to Inverness yesterday and Sarah will arrive this afternoon. Hopefully Thembi will sail in soon too. The expedition team is gradually assembling. Although there is a whacking great big depression working it’s way towards Ireland it looks like the winds up north will be […]