Position N64,53.76 x W023,42.20 Wind SE Gale Force 9 It was not a good day to go sailing or climbing, so we decided to go climbing. On Saturday we woke at 07:00 after a disturbed night on the tyre wall. The wind had really got up and we were being blown against it with such […]

Journey to the Centre of the World

Descend into the crater of Yocul ofSneffels, Which the shade of ScartarisCaresses, Before the kalends of JulyAudacious traveller, And you willReach the centre of the earth. I did it.Arne Saknussemm. So we are now moored on the tyre wall at the base of Snaefell Jokull. Our long warps are weighted by my splendid bronze chum […]


Thembi’s Charlotte has been complaining that when she phones home they already know all of her news because of the blog so I have promised not to mention everything that she has been up to. In any case, once she has sobered up I’m sure she will look forward to telling the tale of the […]

Off Towards Greenland

Position N70,58.16 x W008,41.29 Now I’m sitting on Sumara with John, Tim and Sarah discussing plans for a quick departure. Our Charlotte is off sailing on Aurora for a day trip with some people from the Main Command Station. The grib weather data doesn’t look too good as far as wind direction goes so it […]

The Mighty Beerenberg Conquered!

Position N70,58.162 x W008,41.350 Wind northerly Force 4 On 7th July we sailed Sumara and Thembi up the coast 6nm to Stasjonbukta where we joined the Icelandic yacht Aurora with our Charlotte and Siggi, who was to be our mountain guide. The anchorage was calm then but is exposed to the north and west. We […]

Another amazing day up here

Position N70,58.18 x W008,41.43 Calm We went ashore yesterday together with the Thembi crew and decided to walk the five or so miles to Olonkinbyen on the south side of the island to introduce ourselves to the Station Commander (Per Erik Hannevold). Actually we met him en route in his Mercededs Land Rover and he […]

It’s so beautiful!

Positon N70,58.189 x W008,41.469. Anchored in 8.2 mKvalrosbukta, Jan Mayen We have had a truly amazing day. Gentle winds with occasional calms wafted us north towards the east coast of Jan Mayen whilst being entertained by Northern Bottlenose Whales, Fulars and Puffins. The Mighty Beerenberg Volcano has been very shy and hid all day behind […]

Pre-departure Meeting

We all met up on Thembi last night go through any final details for the trip to Jan Mayen. Sumara will leave on Sunday to Eidi. We will clamber up the 887 m high hill near there on Monday as are final exercise before sailing north. Thembi, the faster yacht, will probably follow on Monday. […]