Velsheda J Class Yacht K7 May 1987

I know the subtitle of this website is “Adventures of a small yacht” but I recently posted a picture on Instagram of the time when I chartered Velsheda for a weekend. I had a request to see more pictures – so here we go. I’m not too sure who actually took the photos but, as […]

A Road Trip to the River Fal!

Jo, Sim and their daughter Lotte had been living on board their Inchcape Motor Sailer in South Dock Marina, London, for a year or so when they decided it was time for a change. While they were there we became good friends, with Jo and Lotte often helping helping out in Arthur Beale’s chandlery when […]

Brightlingsea isn’t in Norway

  3rd August 2014 Brightlingsea Best laid plans and all that. Eventually I had to pull out of the sail to Lofoten in Norway because of the time I needed to devote to the Arthur Beale Project. Beale’s is hard work. With so much going on it involves working long hours for six days a […]

Torsten in Aberystwyth

How nice it was to bump into Torsten during our visit to the National Library of Wales! Torsten is, of course, one of the worlds experts regarding sea bed geology. There can hardly be a sand or mud bank along the east coast that Torsten doesn’t know intimately. I remember sailing from Ramsgate to Dover in dense fog when […]

“Land Ahoy”

Position N56,41 x W006,41 Wind F4 Westerly rather unstable. Now we are sailing downwind through the Sea of theHebrides with Coll on our starboard bow. We hit some rough seas as the depth dropped from 1000m to about 100m but it is more peaceful now except for the occasional viscous squall which drives through with […]

En Route to St Kilda

Position N63,03.7 x W019,25.85 We completed our chores on Sunday morning and Gudrun and I climbed up Heimaklettur, a spectacular hill over looking the harbour and the south coast of Iceland. The weather was perfect and the whole island was smiling. After a swim and hot tub we returned to Sumara to clear customs. This […]

A Meal with Charlotte’s Friends

Thembi’s Charlotte had lived in Reykjavik for a while as an Artist in Residence. We had a tasty meal out with her friend, a silversmith, and her boyfriend. Gosh the food was tasty, can’t for the life of me remember what I was eating.

I’ve Learnt Something Not Many People Know

Earlier in the trip I tried to take a picture of all the crew looking miserable. Everyone looked very sad indeed, apart from Dan. You see Dan is always happy. His catch phrase, no matter what absolute chaos is happening around him, seems to be, “It’ll be fine”. Well I have discovered probably the only […]

Girlie Talk

I’ve got the solution to the girlie talk. Ear defenders and a copy of Earthmovers Monthly. Perfect. I think Charlotte has gone shopping for nail varnish remover again.

Today is the Official Birthday of Jacobus Halsall

Position N66,26 x W023,10 Wind N F3 The Captain and Crew of the Good Ship  Sumara and the Good Ship Thembi and the Good Ship Aurora would like to take this opportunity to wish Jack Halsall a very Happy Birthday. As you are all aware Jack is the Expeditions Official Model Maker and without his splendid […]