Thembi News

Thembi are doing fine but a bit short on wind. Position N56,14 x W008,35. They were 90nm off the Butt of Lewis on 6th August at 1926. Their weekdays are not Monday, Tuesday etc but Curry, Pizza etc. So in Thembi time it was Pizza1926. Quite a good system.

Ice and Whales

Position N65,35.66 x W024,41.75. Wind Flukey SW F1-4 I am feeling a little bit sad that we are not going to see Greenland. Perhaps we should have pushed on but decisions needed to be made and I think it was the correct choice. I would hate to need to seek assistance if we made a […]

Kidney Function

Position N68,00 x W017.31 It has been a quiet few watches as the wind died off and we motored through calm and mist. John and Charlotte decided to talk all through their watch rather than read. They touched on such subjects as kidney function, politics and depression. Oh what fun they had! I’ve almost finished […]

50 Miles From Jan Mayen

Position N70,13.2 x W007,53.9 Calm Sumara is still chugging along through a calm sea with no wind. We are going to go around the north end of the island in the hope we can see the glacier snouts. Visability isn’t too bad but I think the island must be under cloud cover. As predicted we […]

Two Good Things About an Oily Calm

It’s 0545 and we are motoring through an oily calm. I’m taking the opportunity to charge everything up. While we were sailing downwind for the last three days or so the Aerogen wind generator was not often generating any power as so little wind was passing over the boat. I use a bungee strap to […]

Where do Seagulls come from?

N64,15.7 x W007,22.5 Force 2 SE. Sarah caught a mackerel yesterday evening. She chopped its head off and gutted it and threw those bits overboard. Within seconds a small flock of seagulls had swooped down to feed on the scraps. The strange thing is that we haven’t seen a seagull for 24 hours until then. […]