Kidney Function

Position N68,00 x W017.31
It has been a quiet few watches as the wind died off and we motored through calm and mist. John and Charlotte decided to talk all through their watch rather than read. They touched on such subjects as kidney function, politics and depression. Oh what fun they had! I’ve almost finished reading MingMing which was a present from John Wallace at Dunstaffnage. It is the story of three single handed journeys in a very small yacht. He is having a truly miserable time trying to anchor in Iceland. The remarkable thing about the book is the number of whales he encountered – about five species and many hundreds of them. We have only seen a few Northern Bottlenose and Pilot whales so far.
Now we are sailing again under poled out genoa and the silence is a joy. It looks as if this NE breeze may hold up until we get to Isafjordur.
Thembi had a plum duff for supper, fascinating stuff. Their position is N67,21 x W18,03 and they are making good progress.
Siggi and Sarah have just left Jan Mayen. It will be good to all meet up again and discuss our new Greenland plans.

Sent at 22.17GMT on 14th July

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  1. John ans Selma avatar

    We are continuing to follow everything with interest. John’s flight to London has been changed to 20th and just awaiting confirmation about the Isafjordur flight. Enjoy the peacful NE breeze.

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