Jan Mayen Talk at Arthur Beale’s

Thursday 9th October 2014 There are still some places left for my little talk about sailing to Jan Mayen in a 26 ft Vertue and climbing Beerenberg – the most northerly volcano in the world. It is on this Thursday 9th October and starts at 1845 lasting a bit over one hour. Ideally email talks@arthurbeale.co.uk to book your […]

Earthquake hits Jan Mayen

    It looks like Jan Mayen has been hit by a very large 6.6 magnitude earthquake but no damage has been reported. I wonder if that makes Beerenberg closer to errupting (although Gudrun assures me Katla in Iceland is the next to blow – and it could be soon!). Apparently is was very big, bigger than […]

A Rather Un-seamanlike Decision

Position Dunstaffnage Marina Gudrun and I decided to spend Monday in Tobermory and to get up very early Tuesday morning to sail the final leg down the Sound of Mull to Dunstaffnage. I had looked roughly at the weather on a grib file and it didn’t seem too bad. The weather on the harbour office […]

“I think that I shall never see,………..

Position N56,37 x W006,03 Wind: Who cares, we are snugged up in Tobermory! ….a poem as lovely as a tree”.Paul Robeson We arrived safely in Tobermory Harbour yesterday afternoon after a really fast down wind sail through the Sea of the Hebrides. Once we were safely tied to the visitors buoy we rowed ashore for […]

“Land Ahoy”

Position N56,41 x W006,41 Wind F4 Westerly rather unstable. Now we are sailing downwind through the Sea of theHebrides with Coll on our starboard bow. We hit some rough seas as the depth dropped from 1000m to about 100m but it is more peaceful now except for the occasional viscous squall which drives through with […]

Stretched Limos

Position N57,26 x W010,02  Wind force 6 southerly. Now we are under reefed staysail and two reefs in the main. She is in the groove banking a bit of south which may be useful if the wind veers at all. It is getting rather rough. Now I need to pump the bilge. It takes about […]


Position N57,59 x W011. Wind force 5 – 6 South easterly. Last night we had pasta with reindeer meat balls. At least we hope they were reindeer meat balls and not reindeers balls. Come to think of it the reindeer on the can did have a surprised expression on his face. As the journey nears […]

So far, so good!

Position N62,01.386 x W017,04.007. Wind SW Force 3. Sunny At last we were able to turn off the engine and hoist the genoa. We have been making 4 kn in the right direction through the night with 361 nm left to go before getting to St Kilda. Yesterday afternoon the topping lift chafed through and […]

Stop Press: Thembi almost home

Just received this great news from Thembi sent at 1944 on 7th August. They are 25nm off Ullapool and having Frey Bentos pies for diner. They will probably be ashore celebrating by now. Well done Thembi! Sent at 08.21GMT 8th August

Any mechanics out there? Dan?

This gearbox doesn’t feel right. I wonder if I have damaged it with the 15 minutes of motoring with the lever in the wrong poition. It is fine now but when you engage gear it seems to have no thrust, getting 1.5 knots at half revs. If you rev it up it seems to solve […]