Stop Press: Thembi almost home

Just received this great news from Thembi sent at 1944 on 7th August. They are 25nm off Ullapool and having Frey Bentos pies for diner. They will probably be ashore celebrating by now. Well done Thembi!

Sent at 08.21GMT 8th August

One response to “Stop Press: Thembi almost home”

  1. Hi Alasdair Thanks for the card.
    Memo to Capt Loftus: Regarding Icelandic food delicacies, Captains must retain strict discipline and cannot allow a crew member to reject food (even if it is 100 times worse than “Last night’s curry served for breakfast”). A flogging offence, I would say!
    I personally prefer the excellent bacon rolls served to me by the skipper of Sumara!
    Good luck all, Terry

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