“I think that I shall never see,………..

The Home Run
Ray on watch

A Lovely Tree

Position N56,37 x W006,03 Wind: Who cares, we are snugged up in Tobermory!

….a poem as lovely as a tree”.
Paul Robeson

We arrived safely in Tobermory Harbour yesterday afternoon after a really fast down wind sail through the Sea of the Hebrides. Once we were safely tied to the visitors buoy we rowed ashore for a desperately needed 7 minute £2.00 shower (Heaven), a couple of pints (Heaven) and a curry (Heaven). It was a good feeling being on land again after a week at sea but it is sad that the big journey is nearly over now. Ray needed to get back to work as he had a production fit up on Tuesday morning. Ray began to accidently call his watches scene changes – a bad sign. He caught the bus this morning to Oban while Gudrun and I went for a walk through the trees along the cliffs to the lake. I always miss the trees when I sail north.
Early tomorrow morning we will sail on to our final stop, Dunstaffnage. It is a spring tide so it may get bumpy around the south end of Lismore Island. There is some uncertainty as to whether the gearbox will grip to get us into Dunstaffnage and with the strong tide and maybe light wind it could be interesting.

2 responses to ““I think that I shall never see,………..”

  1. Welcome home!!!! Wow – what an amazing trip you have had Captain Flint! Bless my mum – she’s been following the blog up to the last minute and keeps giving me updates every time I phone home (as I don’t have internet access….).

    So looking forward to catching up with everyone again……but in the meantime be proud of what you’ve achieved and enjoy the real ales ones more….before the training starts for the 3 peaks! Captain Morgan xxxx

    1. Thanks Sarah, It was your courageous anchorwatch that made it all work! Glad your mum enjoyed the blog. Lets catch up soon. Alasdair x

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