So far, so good!

Position N62,01.386 x W017,04.007. Wind SW Force 3. Sunny
At last we were able to turn off the engine and hoist the genoa. We have been making 4 kn in the right direction through the night with 361 nm left to go before getting to St Kilda. Yesterday afternoon the topping lift chafed through and trailed in the sea. I had to go up the mast to replace it. With the swell rocking the boat it is quite exciting clinging to the top of a 38 ft mast with one hand while the other tries to thread a rope through a pulley. We treated ourselves to a tuna pasta diner and some Melvin Bragg to celebrate. Last night
I was joined by a small pod of pilot whales who were very entertaining.
Sadly the Grib weather information is telling us about a depression leaving Newfoundland and heading our way. The latest chart shows it deepening rapidly on Saturday just as we would hope to arrive at St Kilda. We will try to monitor it, maybe it will drift off northwards. On these long North Atlantic passages you are almost certain to get clobbered by a gale at some point. We will prepare in advance and treat it like “A simple and manageable job” – “En enkel og overkomelig jobb”.

Thembi arrived in Ullapool at midnight after a cracking sail through the Summer Isles. We all really enjoyed Thembi’s company (and climbing skills) on the trip. I should imagine the Argyll Pub will be busy tonight. I think we have made some lasting friendships after an adventure like this one has been.

Later today we are going to have some shooting practice if it says calm. Now I can hear the
rhythmic deep tone of the foghorn going off every 5 seconds – oh no, its just Ray snoring.

Sent at 08.07GMT 9th August

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  1. Welcome home Alasdair, glad you are nearly back safely. Looking forward to the many stories of your adventure. Love ALi

  2. Hi Ali, Well I’m safely at home now! We must catch up soon. Alasdair x

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