I’ve just built a Classic Wooden Drone!

It will fly at 24 feet above the deck and point in exactly the same direction as the boat. That is because it will be fixed to the upper spreaders! It is typical of a wooden boat owner to solve a technical problem with a piece of wood and six coats of varnish but at […]

Notes from my Expedition Journal – East Greenland 2019 – in the yacht Integrity

Notes from my Expedition Journal These are notes taken directly from my little waterproof notepad. I was invited as crew on Will Stirling’s splendid yacht “Integrity”. We were aiming for Scoresby Sund but for my second time we were thwarted by ice. Any additions or alterations to the original notes I have made in blue, […]

Scoresby Sund Expedition Update

Dunstaffnage 16th November 2021 A little bit of progress has been made but on lots of fronts. I’m currently up in Scotland carrying out a few little jobs on Sumara, most importantly winterising the engine but also a few domestic improvements like installing the diabolically expensive new sink pump. Running Rigging Back in town, I […]

What’s Bubbling for 2021 and 2022

It has been a longstanding ambition of mine to sail Sumara to Scoresby Sund. Scoresby Sund is the longest fjord in the world and is situated in the high Arctic on the Eastern seaboard of Greenland. We made a half-hearted attempt to get there after climbing Beerenberg on Jan Mayen in 2011, but in reality, […]

Scoresby Sund – or not?

Some people dream of rounding Cape Horn, some people dream of going through Havengore Creek – a far more risky adventure in my opinion. I dream about sailing to Scoresby Sund. We made a half-hearted attempt in 2011 after sailing Sumara to Jan Mayen but we were stupidly early and the ice was fast all […]

Journey to the Centre of the World

Descend into the crater of Yocul ofSneffels, Which the shade of ScartarisCaresses, Before the kalends of JulyAudacious traveller, And you willReach the centre of the earth. I did it.Arne Saknussemm. So we are now moored on the tyre wall at the base of Snaefell Jokull. Our long warps are weighted by my splendid bronze chum […]

Ice and Whales

Position N65,35.66 x W024,41.75. Wind Flukey SW F1-4 I am feeling a little bit sad that we are not going to see Greenland. Perhaps we should have pushed on but decisions needed to be made and I think it was the correct choice. I would hate to need to seek assistance if we made a […]

Denmark Straight

Position N66,27.868 x W025,54.99. Dense Fog Sadly we have decided to abandon our attempt to get to Greenland. A grib weather file was showing really strong winds approaching the area of coast that we proposed to try to make landfall. As it was by no means certain that the ice would have cleared enough to […]

Into the Ice

Position N66,13.7 x W023,22.28. Wind – just dropped off. We had a highly successful visit to Isafjordur, no one arrested and no one injured. Siggi and his father were marvelous. Siggi’s father, Jon, gave us a huge chunk of wolf fish to take to sea. That will be our super tonight then a nice fish […]

Today is the Official Birthday of Jacobus Halsall

Position N66,26 x W023,10 Wind N F3 The Captain and Crew of the Good Ship  Sumara and the Good Ship Thembi and the Good Ship Aurora would like to take this opportunity to wish Jack Halsall a very Happy Birthday. As you are all aware Jack is the Expeditions Official Model Maker and without his splendid […]