Yesterday was my last day with Arthur Beale!

1st April 2022 Yes, I am moving on. It is now an unbelievable eight years since that slightly scary “Whoops-a-daisy, we’ve bought a Chandlers!” moment. I have certainly enjoyed the challenge of resurrecting the old ship, but it is now time for me to to allow the new owners to make their mark while I […]

Welcome to the NEW Sumara of Weymouth website!

Well, I’m say that assuming you are reading this in the middle of April 2021 but if by the wonders of Google you stumble upon this in April 2026 then “Welcome to the 5 year anniversary of the updated Sumara of Weymouth Website”. If you are reading this in 2026 can you tell me if […]

Olympic Traffic Restrictions

Although I fully accept the need for certain traffic restrictions during the Olympics, the thing that got my back up was the sheer pleasure the authorities took in making the road closures.

Diversity Officer Resigned

As you all know Peter Mercer has been Sumara’s Diversity Officer for the past ten years. Sadly after an incident this morning Peter feels it necessary to resign the post. Peter has done some excellent work over the years and it is a shame that we are going to have to lose him at this […]

Life tips from a small boat

Ullapool. North Westerly F6. Dreich.Every time I go sailing I learn something from my amazing crew. The problem is I forget them but no more. We have decided to write them all down in the log book and publish a little book in aid of charity in time for Christmas. No Peter, not the Sumara […]