Sumara’s Ropes and Rigging

The Standing Rigging November 2021 There is the age-old debate for when the correct time is to replace a yacht’s standing rigging. All my rigging has been changed at least once over the thirty-one years that I have owned Sumara. With my planned expedition trip to Scoresby Sund in 2022, I decided to take the […]

Scottish Islands Peaks Race

Oh dear, here we go again. This time I am joining the crew of the Good Ship Brimble, a 27ft Twister. There will be more space onboard than Sumara but still pretty cosy with five runners and all the kit. I’ve been a bit disorganised this year struggling to find the time to sort out […]


24th – 25th July 2013 Log 9,029 Boulogne certainly isn’t a destination port like, perhaps, Dieppe but it is a really useful harbour which can be entered under any conditions. Once around the starboard pier-head you should follow the wall for a short while until the white painted patch indicates the main channel taking you into […]


Position N57,59 x W011. Wind force 5 – 6 South easterly. Last night we had pasta with reindeer meat balls. At least we hope they were reindeer meat balls and not reindeers balls. Come to think of it the reindeer on the can did have a surprised expression on his face. As the journey nears […]

I’ve Learnt Something Not Many People Know

Earlier in the trip I tried to take a picture of all the crew looking miserable. Everyone looked very sad indeed, apart from Dan. You see Dan is always happy. His catch phrase, no matter what absolute chaos is happening around him, seems to be, “It’ll be fine”. Well I have discovered probably the only […]

Louise Bourgeois

Tim and I went to the Island National Gallery on Thursday. There was an exhibition by Louise Bourgeois and some of her pieces felt strangely familiar. There were disturbing nightmarish shapes. Many were ghastly un-namely things of no colour and some were puce. Frightening bulging shapes bursting out. Then I remembered Tim’s splendid duff that […]

It’s all change.

Stuart has now left for Ullapool. He really enjoyed the trip but commitments back in Scotland meant that he needed to fly back. We will miss him. Stuart’s industrial yellow Wellies were often the only way the Sumara crew knew where the Thembi crew were. They could be spotted from several miles trudging through the […]

Mange Gaver – Loads of Presents

It is amazing how many little presents we have received on this trip. I am going to do a dangerous thing and list them but I am sure I will forget something so apologies just in case. A kind gentleman at Dunstaffnage gave us a book about Ming Ming, a small boat which sailed around […]

Life tips from a small boat

Ullapool. North Westerly F6. Dreich.Every time I go sailing I learn something from my amazing crew. The problem is I forget them but no more. We have decided to write them all down in the log book and publish a little book in aid of charity in time for Christmas. No Peter, not the Sumara […]