St Kilda 2021 Part One – Oban to Barra

Log 10360 My friend Ray applied to work on the remote island of St Kilda when he was just 17 year old. He never got a reply, and although he still holds a slight grudge, it didn’t mean his interest in the islands would wane. He has watched all the old film clips and read […]

Scottish Islands Peaks Race

Spring 2016 Oban – Troon This is no normal race and it is well to remember that! For sailors it is a demanding race which takes in some tricky tidal areas. Unusually for a race, picking up the crew or dropping the anchor, has to take place under sail. Equally it is a demanding race for […]

The Mighty Ben More

Grit on the run in to Ben More (Written by Grit Eckert) Our team set off in good spirit to complete the run that out of all of them was the longest. On studying the map we learnt that it ll be 22 miles. Charlotte, Rick and I were defiantly up for it. Half an […]

Oban to Salen on the Isle of Mull

Scottish Islands Three Peaks Race We weren’t last in the running race but we were almost the last boat over the sailing start line. We had a fair wind and the tide was with us and it was a lovely day so everyone was very happy. The main fleet were pulling ahead but still in sight, […]

“I think that I shall never see,………..

Position N56,37 x W006,03 Wind: Who cares, we are snugged up in Tobermory! ….a poem as lovely as a tree”.Paul Robeson We arrived safely in Tobermory Harbour yesterday afternoon after a really fast down wind sail through the Sea of the Hebrides. Once we were safely tied to the visitors buoy we rowed ashore for […]

“Land Ahoy”

Position N56,41 x W006,41 Wind F4 Westerly rather unstable. Now we are sailing downwind through the Sea of theHebrides with Coll on our starboard bow. We hit some rough seas as the depth dropped from 1000m to about 100m but it is more peaceful now except for the occasional viscous squall which drives through with […]

Ardnamurchan and Kyle Rhea

Portree. Still sunny and light SW wind.We stayed for a day in Tobermory because there was very little wind. The following morning it blew old boots from the west and we had to beat into a rough sea for four hours before finally clearing ‘ard n murcky point. Once we came off the wind Sumara […]

The Big Adventure Begins

Tobermory. Sunny and light NE wind. It’s 7.30am and we are moored in Tobermory Harbour. Peter and Torsten arrived on the “sleeper” from London. They got cheap tickets but ended up in seats not beds so they were quite tired when I met them at Oban Station but nevertheless up for a short 24 nm […]