Steyning Stinger – Half Marathon – 2022

6th March 2022 – Steyning Our favourite Half Marathon has returned! As I’ve mentioned this wonderful race many times before in this blog , I won’t bother describing the course again only to say that this year the running conditions were perfect. It was cold, maybe a bit breezy, but it was generally dry underfoot, […]

Deal Half Marathon – 2022

20th February 2022 – Deal, Kent In order to keep on track with at least a moderate level of fitness in preparation for the forthcoming Greenland trip I have been entering the usual half marathons. Deal is the first up for 2022 and serves two very useful functions. Firstly, it is a great excuse to […]

Marlow Half Marathon 2021

This race has become a bit of a ritual for me and only partly due to the fact that my sister lives in Marlow and treats us to a calorie busting and cholesterol loaded lunch after the run – and she looks after the dog! But the race itself is wonderfully organised and takes you […]

Open Water Swimming

18th August 2021 My friend Jannicke has become a very keen, and rather skilful, open water swimmer and she foolishly invited me to join her for a swim in the London Docks. Even more foolishly, I accepted. It meant that I had to join various outfits with long acronyms which became rather stressful to organise, […]

Maldon Mud Race 2017

Having had to pull out due to a broken arm in 2015 the Maldon Mud Race has been on my list of things to do for a while. This year we entered it with some trepidation. The race originally started in the seventies when a local pub placed a barrel of beer on the far […]

Steyning Stinger – Half Marathon – 2017

I think it is my forth attempt at this amazing hilly trail half marathon (ascent 1,700 feet). I suppose that says it all. Each time is different according to the weather and the general aches and pains of life. This year Pen, Liam, Grit, Alex, Kerry and I took part. John was overwhelmed at work and […]

Deal Half Marathon 2017

This early February Half Marathon is becoming a bit of a fixture for me. Partly because my friend Philip lives in Deal and its a great chance to catch up in the winter -in the summer our Vertue Yachts often sail together on the East Coat. It is also well placed as a training run […]

Marlow Half Marathon 2016

It was touch and go whether my right leg would be up for this year’s half marathon, having pulled out of the Oxford Half a month earlier. I decided to rub some Ibuprofen gel onto the muscles and take a couple of pain killers before the start and see what happens. There was a 7 […]

Three Forts Challenge Half Marathon

1st May 2016This was the opportunity for all of the Scottish Islands Three Peak Race running team to partake in a hilly run together and have a chat about the final arrangements. After a week of winter weather with frost and hail we found ourselves in idyllic sunshine at Worthing’s Hill Barn Recreation Ground ready […]

Steyning Stinger – Half Marathon – 2016

6th March 2016 It is cold and grey with hail pounding heavily against the window as I write this on the afternoon of the Steyning Stinger but this morning conditions couldn’t have been more perfect for the event. It was cold but the sun was out and there was just a gentle breeze. Underfoot it […]