Weymouth to Swanage and Lymington

Log ??? 15th September 2012I took the train to Weymouth with Nicky, a good friend of Grits. Nicky had completed her Competent Crew course in 2010 but hadn’t had much of an opportunity to use it after a planned voyage had fallen through. Terry Newman, who built Sumara and lives in Weymouth, would join us in the morning. […]

Aberystwyth towards Falmouth

Log 8498 Distance approx 230nm Grit and I arrived in Aber (as they call it) on Thursday 17th August to have a day preparing and provisioning before setting off towards Falmouth. We went to the Christopher Williams exhibition again where I was surprised to meet Jannicke (I’ll put up a nice picture of her later). […]

Port St Mary to Aberystwyth

We reckoned the best time to leave would be 1800 but the sun was out so we left at about 1500 with a very gentle southerly breeze. The wind gradually veered to become a westerley generally around force 3-4 but with a couple of light patches which meant a few hours of motoring. We sailed […]

The Mull of Kintyre

By now we knew we were the last boat to leave Jura for Arran. Barbara, who was one of the organisers had politely asked if we were still competing. “Of course we are” was Chatlottes reply. To get to Lamlash on Arran we would have to round the Mull of Kintyre – a notorious headland […]

Rowing Past the Corryvreckan

I confess that we had been a little worried on-board the ship as the runners had taken longer than we expected. We knew one runner from another team had to be air lifted off and we were much relieved when a text arrived from Charlotte saying they were on the road back. Once the tired […]

Nothing Remarkable

Position N59,48 x W013,12. Wind easterly force 5 Still making progress into a boisterous sea. We recorded our first ship passing 8 miles away but never saw it. Long dark nights now. Gales still forecast near landfall time and with no gearbox we may hove too at sea for a day or so or make […]

Rough Ride

Position N60,50 x W014,53. Force 6-7 easterly It is pretty uncomfortable now with two deep reefs and a reefed yankee. The waves are around 10ft and occasionally breaking over the yacht but the sun is popping out between the clouds so it is an attractive view. This weather is set to continue until tomorrow afternoon […]

Vestmannaeyjar Islands

Position N63,26 x W20,16. Heimaey Harbour. Calm Well we made it, but only just. After we rounded Reykjanes Peninsular the wind became light and we needed to motor to make any worthwhile progress. Gradually the wind increased and we were able to sail again but it was an easterly and the sea was more lumpy […]

I think we may have a Plan?

Sarah has caught her flight back to England and Gudrun has now arrived in Iceland. Charlotte flies out on Sunday. Ray arrives on the evening of 3rd August. It’s quite complicated! The weather doesn’t look brilliant but there does seem to be a small window of opportunity on Sunday to get around the Reykjanes headland […]

Bare Poles Down the Sundini

Sumara set off yesterday down the narrow gap between Streymoy and Eysturoy. We had calculated that the mean tide would be at 2037 GMT. The narrows from Torshavn to near the bridge have no tidal rise at all but just after the bridge the rise and fall is 2m. At high water the stream runs […]