Nothing Remarkable

Position N59,48 x W013,12. Wind easterly force 5
Still making progress into a boisterous sea. We recorded our first ship passing 8 miles away but never saw it. Long dark nights now. Gales still forecast near landfall time and with no gearbox we may hove too at sea for a day or so or make a dash for Tobermory. St Kilda looks pretty unlikely now.

Sent at 04.11 GMT 11th August

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  1. Hi Alasdair. The rod linkage to the gearbox is very precise,any distortion will shorten the movement and prevent the gearbox engaging fully. I suggest that you try pushing the lever on the gearbox manually with the linkage disconnected. You might also check that the lever is fully clamped in its spindle. It’s very easy for me, I’m not in heavy weather!
    All the best, Terry.

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