Stretched Limos

Position N57,26 x W010,02  Wind force 6 southerly.

Now we are under reefed staysail and two reefs in the main. She is in the groove banking a bit of south which may be useful if the wind veers at all. It is getting rather rough. Now I need to pump the bilge. It takes about 20 strokes an hour on the starboard tack but virtually none on the port tack. Down below is bone dry, not a drip through the decks. A testament to the way Terry built her.

I’ve been reading a book called Niav Super. I’ve been reading it for about a year now because it is in Norwegian – only a few more chapters to go. The main character writes lots of lists. Mainly silly ones. I have started to write a list of things I like and things I dislike about Iceland. It’s too long to blog in these rough seas but one of my favourites is:

– The Stretched Limo for Hire on Heimay. Heimay is only 7 km long, you could walk around the island in a day easily. It is a natural paradise, an outdoor kind of place. But the Icelanders think big. “If New York has stretched limos then we shall have stretched limos”. The fact that the population of the Island is only a couple of thousand and there is only one town is not important. I wish I had hired it for a tour. Imagine Ray, Gudrun and me in a limo on the Westmann Islands. The shear ridiculousness of it is highly appealing. The stretched limo sums up a lot about Iceland. They are about to open (20th August) the third biggest concert hall in the world. It rivals the Sydney and the new Oslo Opera Houses but it is a concert hall – or rather five concert halls. The population of Reykjavik is only a couple of hundred thousand. You would need one percent of the population there to fill it! Swimming pools are another Icelandic feature. Every town and village has a splendid pool with hot tubs. Even if only 500 people live there. Iceland is a think big country. My list of good things is much longer than my list of bad things!

Now we are having bacon and banana in pita bread. Yummy.

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