50 Miles From Jan Mayen

Position N70,13.2 x W007,53.9 Calm

Sumara is still chugging along through a calm sea with no wind. We are going to go around the north end of the island in the hope we can see the glacier snouts. Visability isn’t too bad but I think the island must be under cloud cover. As predicted we have been seeing more wildlife in the calm sea with three separate whale sightings. The sea temperature is going up which is strange (8 degrees now). Thembi is chugging along too but I think they are going for the south of the island. Their position is 70.22N x 009.11W.

The ice situation in Scoresbysund isn’t looking good with fast ice across the entrance. Hopefully it will improve although offshore winds don’t appear likely in the next four days. We have heard that Charlotte is going to try to bring 20L of diesel out from Iceland if she can buy containers. It will be useful if we have to head south to Angmagssalikto clear the ice. We have motored a total 23 hours so far so we should have 80L of fuel left at 1L
per hour. We need a bit for heating too.

I’ve just finished reading Northern Lights which was a present from Alice and Fran. I
hope those panserbjorner are friendly to us. Back to Naiv Super again, I’m determined to finish it but it’s a struggle reading Norsk.

Sent at 18.14GMT Monday 4th July

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  1. John ans Selma avatar
    John ans Selma

    Jack is jealous about the whale sightings.

  2. Robyn & Scott avatar

    Loggie nr Ullapool wishing you all the best & enjoying reading the blog. Please give our best to all on Thembi

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