We are underway!

62N x 007W. Force 3 Southerly.
It’s 0450 GMT and we are just clearing the massive Faroese Cliffs which I believe are some of the highest in Europe (but don’t quote me on that). The tide was just right giving us a bit of a lift and sweeping us along in the calms under the lee of the land. We are now making 3.7 knots under yankee and full main and the stay sail is about to go up. We have had coffee and a big bowl of muesli which is kept in a yellow flare box. I had my Cod Liver Oil dose much to the disgust of the crew. It is 550 mile to Jan Mayen. Its too early to give an ETA but we reckon the 6th July. Once this phone reception goes it will be over to the satelite phone.

Sarah and John with the Faroese Cliffs in the Background

3 responses to “We are underway!”

  1. John ans Selma avatar
    John ans Selma

    Hurrah for being underway. Fair winds and all that! Jacobus says “Break a leg!ha!ha!ha!”

  2. John ans Selma avatar
    John ans Selma

    Have found a website with a good itinary for sailing in Scorsbysund, including where to anchor and what to see ashore. It is rather long but I can presi it should you be interested, let me know…

    1. John ans Selma avatar
      John ans Selma

      Al, will send text tomorrow mid day ish. Good to read the updates, bacon roll sounds great, come home John, all is forgiven!

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