The trip up here wasn’t so bad after all!

Sumara moored Torshavn

Scoresby Sund Expedition 2022

Day 24. 7th July 2022

Position: Moored Torshavn

Wind: Southerly F6: Visibility: Poor. Sea condition: Probably rather rough, but we are snugged up in the harbour

Almost two whole days have passed and already the journey up here doesn’t seem so bad. Soon we will be saying how lovely it was. Actually, the bumpy and very wet ride has shown up a few minor problems which are easy enough to resolve here in Torshavn but might have been a bit trickier in Greenland. In effect it was a proper shake-down cruise.

Although I had been up most of the night while we approached the islands, we decided it was best to push through the day rather than having a nap. I find it best that way and it meant that last night’s sleep whilst we lay in the harbour was heavenly.

Many of the houses have turf roofs laid onto birch bark

A few hours after we arrived the sun came out. I think there were even moments when it was warm enough to take my pullover off. We had a mooch around the town and stumbled upon a supermarket that makes Waitrose look like a scruffy pound shop. We purchased some curry herrings from their extensive selection. I was keen to buy some herrings because I wasn’t able to find any in Ullapool, which was strange for a village built on the herring industry. Maybe they were sick of the silver darlings?

We also bought a heavy weight loaf of bread plus some white chocolate with Persian liquorice. We shall return to explore further.

Hardware Heaven!
………and more!
Jannicke is enjoying herself amongst the hardware

Talking of shops, and this is rather sad, but nothing delights me more that a decent hardware shop. I dragged Jannicke around three of them! On the other hand, she dragged me around three wool shops so fair is fair. There is a lovely video on YouTube called Hardware Heaven which always puts a smile on my face.

My cosy bunk, shame about the crew’s bunk!

We went to the tourist office just to find out about buses to the other islands and I ended up spending a fortune on a sheep skin. I couldn’t resist the colours. I’m sitting on it now, I hope it doesn’t make me go all soft.

Northabout is heading towards Scoresby Sund too
This is Artika. A serious boat that means business up in the high latitudes.

Sumara nestles with lots of serious roughty-toughty yachts. Some of them are quite famous and a few are heading towards Greenland. I think Sumara is slightly helpful in encouraging others in their adventures, they think that if I am going to Greenland in my tiny varnished yacht then they should be absolutely fine in their ice reinforced aluminium monsters. The weather remains very unsettled but as Torsten doesn’t arrive until Sunday, I’m not too concerned just yet. There’s plenty of time for anxiety.

We have just enjoyed a couple of pints at the Craft Ale pub. I chose “Computer Rage” an IPA at 4.8%. It seemed apt because I can never get the things to work – thank God Gerry helps me out!

We tried to book a meal in a decent restaurant but very sadly they are all booked up. Phew, I call that a narrow escape, a couple of beers cost £26 so I dread to think what fine dining costs! (why the underline!)

Tomorrow we will jump on a bus with big wheels that go round and round and visit a few other islands. I’m looking forward to that.

Technical Stuff

I repaired the sat phone aerial today. There was a puddle of water in the connection, it literally poured out. I’ve dried it with alcohol and applied lanolin and now it works just fine. No more waving phones around in the cockpit.

All the charging cables to iPads and phones corroded on the trip up here. They have been replaced and protected now.

The Wichard one-hand sail hank at the top of the Yankee had worn through the brass until it was dangerously thin. It has been replaced.

Holt UK are kindly dispatching some replacement nylon sail slides to replace my broken one.

We are ticking off the jobs. The ship will be better than ever and soon will be fighting fit for the next leg.

4 responses to “The trip up here wasn’t so bad after all!”

  1. Superb & Bravo, that’s the spirit!
    Nothing like some decent sleep to help the mind ‘re-frame’ an awful situation!
    A Fantastic shake down sail then & you’ve already sorted all those glitches…brilliant!

    I managed to storm through some Cascover removal yesterday, aided by imagination pretending that my hammer was actually a Bailiff’s fist… smashing through the door of No. 10 Downing Street, in readiness to drag BOJO off to the Thames for a good old Keel Hauling! Bet you’re glad to be missing all the petulant dramas!

    Enjoy the curried Herrings!

    Jo & Co x

    1. Hi Jo, Well done with the massive Cascover stripping project. I’ve not fully caught up with what’s going on in UK but it sounds like total chaos! The curried herring were great and we have just demolished a stonking big cod chowder! Lots of little jobs sorted. Torsten arrives in Sunday but the weather is looking a bit grim. We shall see what we can do. Send love to everyone. x

  2. Well done Sumara and her crew! I had similar issues with ‘home electronics’ on my way to Lerwick: how did you protect them?
    Post charts, maps, videos and photos of the boat, not supermarkets! 😉

    1. Hi Matteo,
      Sorry about the hardware shop pictures! Promise I’ll try to refrain in future. I’ve been having some problems getting wifi so I suspect videos will be tricky to post but maybe I’ll give it a go. I did try a couple of sat phone updates but I don’t think my shore help ever received them so they never got posted. There is a map on the website but under a separate section. Tupperware seems to be the only way to protect my cables when not being used and a plastic table cloth velcroed to the control panel and draped across the chart table helps when they are being used. I smeared the outside of the sat phone aerial connection with a thick coating of anhydrous lanolin which I hope will help. We shall find out soon. All the best, Alasdair

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