Thembi Stops off at Eidi!

Thembi Tying up in Eidi

Thembi have just joined us in Eidi. They were going to sail on to Jan Mayen but saw our flourescent yellow radar reflector sheltering behind the harbour wall and decided to stop off to see us.
The best laid plans thwarted!
I have just recieved an email from Siggi:

Hey Alasdair

The best anchorage is normally in Kvalrossbukta on the NV side (7058N 00841V) but from there it´s a long hike to Beerenberg. For the climb you will drop off your people in Stasjonsbukta (7100N 00828V) under the old weather station at Gamle Metten. This is where we will start our climb. Baatvika is normally not a very pleasant anchorage, very exposed and rocky.

All the best // Siggi

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  1. Just to let you know it was 30c here in London yesterday. It was a bit much. Heavy thunder now. Well done on the climb and the sausage comsumption.

    1. Are you down to just one pair of thermals now?

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