Nolsoy and Thembi the Tanker

The Walk to the Lighthouse on Nolsoy

After knocking off some tasks in the morning Sarah and I thought we would treat ourselves to a good walk. We took the ferry to the island of Nolsoy just half an hour away and walked out to the lighthouse. A great walk about 2 hours each way along a path well marked with stone cairns. It was a bit boggy in places as Sarah discovered.

Sarah went up to her knees in one deep bit of bog

We had hoped to see Thembi arrive from the lighthouse but after a thorough scan of the horizon there was no sight of them. It wasn’t until we were on the ferry back when we saw them about to enter the harbour at Torshavn.

Sumara and Thembi are now moored together and we shall discuss our plans for Jan Mayen over the next few days. I was my first time on Thembi, and a very fine ship she is with coal burning stove and oddles of atmosphere. We also discovered she has 300 L water tanks, hence Thembi the Tanker. Sumara has two 17 L tanks plus lots of containers but a total capacity on this trip of just 134 L. A max of 2 L a day.

John arrives tonight. Yippee, the Faroes- Jan Mayen crew will be complete.

Captain Enni from the Nordlys has invited us all onboard for dinner tonight. We are looking forward to that treat. The night before last we had a wonderful meal with Arm (Herbert?) on Woe Wei. Quite a cook! Thanks for that.

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