Lovely Faeroes, but best approached on neeps!

Torshavn, Faeroe Islands. Overcast F2 Easterly.

Well it wasn’t quite the milk run that we were hoping for. We managed to pick up on the east wind and we used it to make east of north so that when the wind backed to a northerly we could still sail on a starboard tack. However I didn’t want to go out too far east in case the wind backed to a north westerly. It got up to force 6 at times and pretty bumpy too. Good training for the next leg. We have a little list of jobs. After a fast leg the wind did back and soon we were hard on the wind for a wet and tough time. The tides around the Faeroes are some of the most dangerous in the world. There are tales of steamers leaving Torshavn in good weather but on a bad tide and returning missing funnels and lifeboats. Tilman sailed to the Faeroes and got caught by a tide which shot him through the islands and spat him out on the west coast. As we approached we could feel the strength of the tide dragging us sidewards. Not too serious while the wind was strong but as it faded and the lumpy sea remained Sumara started to hobby horse and track sidewards towards the islands. With a careful mix of engine and sailing whenever we could we eventually scraped our way close to the coast near Torshavn where we could just punch the tide. Eventually the tide eased and we arrived at 18:00 19th June to a friendly welcome by the Customs and Harbour Master. Tomorrow we are crewing the tourist sailing ship out to the sea caves!
Thembi set off from Ullapool on Sunday lunchtime. I think they may have a bit of a beat but Thembi is a powerful boat which points well so I am sure they will make the most of it. Hopefully they will arrive Wednesday or Thursday.

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  1. hi – i wonder if you could tell me if i could leave a 13 meter sailing boat at torshaven for a month – mid june to mid july ? plan is brest to iceland in may and then faroes – then aeroplane back to brest and torshaven shetlands in mid july ?

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