From left to right – Anthony, myself, Pen and Grit. We’ve just finished the excellent full English Breakfast!

6th March 2022 – Steyning

Our favourite Half Marathon has returned!

As I’ve mentioned this wonderful race many times before in this blog , I won’t bother describing the course again only to say that this year the running conditions were perfect. It was cold, maybe a bit breezy, but it was generally dry underfoot, which is very rare indeed!

This time we decided to drive down from London, leaving at 06:00 and arriving way to early for the 08:30 start. It gave us a chance to have a natter with Anthony and Pen who were also back for more punishment.

Free photos from Sussex Sport Photography – thanks for that!

While I was running, I had a very stupid idea. My ideas are generally stupid but on further reflection this one might even be a GOOD idea!

Although the race is described as a Half Marathon, it is actually a little bit longer at 13.7 m. I know 0.6 of a mile doesn’t sound too exhausting but sadly they added it to the end of the race when everyone is knackered. So, my thoughts were why not add it at the beginning?

OK, this was just an amusing thought, but perhaps it’s not such a bad idea?

If, after running over the official start timing mat, the first 0.6 of a mile is treated as a warm-up stretch with a few high knees, side stepping etc, then there could then be a second start marker post at 0.6 of a mile when you could click your personal smart watches and start the actual Half Marathon. Then, when you see the 13 mile sign, you will only have a 100 m sprint to the final line. I think the idea has legs, wobbly ones, but legs nevertheless!

By the way, if you are wondering why it is a bit longer then a normal Half Marathon, then I suspect it is to do with the fact that there is an option to run a full marathon which is the correct length. I can tell you that anyone running the full Stinger has my total admiration. The concept of turning right after ten miles in, then bombing off for another 16 miles is way beyond even entering my thoughts.

Anthony excelled and whizzed around at a very impressive 1 hr 47 minutes and was 15th over the line! Pen came in next.  My time this year was 2 hrs 25 minutes and 7 seconds which wasn’t too fast but I did come second in my category – but there were only four of us Ancient Mariners running!

I wonder how many calories there are in half a dozen jelly babies, a full English breakfast and a couple of protein bars? Probably more than 1724, which is a tad depressing!

Looking back over the years, I was actually marginally faster this year than the last couple of years, but I reckon that would just be down to this year’s excellent running conditions.

2011     2 hrs 00 minutes 29 seconds

2014     2 hrs 11 minutes 27 seconds

2016     2 hrs 11 minutes 02 seconds

2017     2 hrs 14 minutes 35 seconds

2019     2 hrs 29 minutes 12 seconds

2020     2 hrs 27 minutes 30 seconds

2022     2 hrs 25 minutes 07 seconds

To be truthful, I rather missed all the mud!

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  1. Just had a nose around the new shiny website. It’s wonderful. Will enjoy coming back for more and who knows I may walk the stinger with you next year!

    1. Awe thanks Selma. Its good to know at least someone has looked at the blog! Yes, pencil in the first Sunday of March for the Stinger. There’s a free breakfast afterwards to spur you up the hills.

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