Steyning Stinger – Half Marathon – 2022

6th March 2022 – Steyning Our favourite Half Marathon has returned! As I’ve mentioned this wonderful race many times before in this blog , I won’t bother describing the course again only to say that this year the running conditions were perfect. It was cold, maybe a bit breezy, but it was generally dry underfoot, […]

Steyning Stinger – Half Marathon – 2017

I think it is my forth attempt at this amazing hilly trail half marathon (ascent 1,700 feet). I suppose that says it all. Each time is different according to the weather and the general aches and pains of life. This year Pen, Liam, Grit, Alex, Kerry and I took part. John was overwhelmed at work and […]

Steyning Stinger – Half Marathon – 2016

6th March 2016 It is cold and grey with hail pounding heavily against the window as I write this on the afternoon of the Steyning Stinger but this morning conditions couldn’t have been more perfect for the event. It was cold but the sun was out and there was just a gentle breeze. Underfoot it […]

Steyning Stinger – Half Marathon – 2014

2nd March 2014 Grit, Pen, Anthony (Alex), Paul and Alasdair This was the Half Marathon that I had been waiting for. I’ve run it once before and loved it. It is virtually all trials and pretty hilly being based around the South Downs. The first time I ran it, the “Stinger” was pretty dry under […]