I’ve Learnt Something Not Many People Know

Gudrun arrives with tasty treats for the crew
Dan doesn’t even like fish, so rotten shark meat didn’t go down to well.

Earlier in the trip I tried to take a picture of all the crew looking miserable. Everyone looked very sad indeed, apart from Dan. You see Dan is always happy. His catch phrase, no matter what absolute chaos is happening around him, seems to be, “It’ll be fine”. Well, I have discovered probably the only way to catch Dan without a smile is to feed him a bit of Icelandic Rotten Shark Meat. Within seconds the smile had gone and he hurtled out of Sumara’s cabin heading for the cockpit.
Yes, Gudrun has arrived bringing us some tasty local morsels to eat and how we all enjoyed the whale blubber, smoked whale meat and rotten shark. Thanks Gudrun.

Apparently these sharks have no kidneys and the meat is poisonous unless it is rotten. Some think its poisonous when its rotten too.

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