The Sumit of Beerenberg
One of the Many Crevasses
The Crater Rim
About to Walk the Line Around the Volcano Rim


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  1. Hi everybody,
    I’m Dans Mum and would just like to say congratulations to you on all your acheivements so far. This is a wonderful blog with fabulous photos and without it we wouldn’t know how you were doing or where you are and we would be constantly ringing Charlottes parents!! So many thanks and keep up the good work. Good luck with the next stage of the journey, we hope the weather and ice flows are on your side. Keep safe and give Dan and Charlotte a big kiss from me!!
    Keep safe and best wishes,

    1. I’d be very happy to give Charlotte a big kiss but Dan I think is beyond the call of duty! Thanks for your kind comments. Alasdair

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