Position N66,57.43 x W007,25.2 Wind force 4-5 southerly.
We have had some great sailing maintaining a speed of around 6 knots. It is mighty rolly polly with the boom and yankee pole dipping alternately every few seconds. Occassionally Sumara does a mad death roll and everything flies around but it is great to be making rapid progress. Only 253nm to go to the waypoint. At this rate we will be there in a couple of days but I suspect the winds may ease off later tomorrow. (haven’t downloaded the grib yet). Thembi are out of radio contact and should be a long way ahead by now. It doesn’t look like we will need diesel but we are running out of bacon. Almost as serious a problem. We crossed into the arctic circle earlier today. It is raining and 8 degrees with a sea temperature of 6 degrees. As a lot of the time involves sitting in the cockpit with no movement to keep warm it is crucial to wear appropriate clothing. I have a pair of merinos on plus 3 pairs of Guy Cotten thermals under a Musto HPX oilskins and I’m as warm as toast. Sarah ¬†gave me a pair of MOD issue arctic socks which work a treat.

Sent at 18.05 GMT Saturday 2nd July 2011

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  1. Oh dear, if you are wearing all those thermals, I dread to think what John is wearing; everything he possess?

  2. Good job there isnt a need for a lot of movement! and by the way, I know where the Seagulls come from, – they where all at a conference in their hometown, Margate yesterday! Honest!

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