Ice Situation Scoresbysund

Scoresbysund is still not accessible but Angmagsslik is looking just possible. Hopefully the situation will improve over the next few weeks. John has a helicopter ride and flight booked from Scoresbysund so if we go further south some new arrangements may need putting in place. (I think that was a hint Selma!) Sumara is waiting for the winds to die off a bit before heading north. There are still near gales around the Faroes but they should die out at lunchtime. Our two tidal windows are at 1400 or 0200 in the following morning. We are reckoning on lightish winds for the next four days. There is a depression developing on Friday further south but its too early to tell what that might bring.

Thembi are probably waiting for the weather to improve in Torshavn before heading up to Eidi.

Ice Situation in East Greenland

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  1. John ans Selma avatar
    John ans Selma

    Ok, you need to give me as much warning as possible, any names where you could end up so I can research where and how to get him from one place to another? following with continued interest…
    Jack sends his love to Daddy, a manly handshake to Al and a high 5 to Sarah xoxoxoxo

    1. The Crew of Sumara and Thembi send their love to Jack and Ella, and of course to you Selma xxx We will keep you up to speed with Greenland Plans. Tusen Takk.

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