The Big Adventure Begins

Tobermory. Sunny and light NE wind.
It’s 7.30am and we are moored in Tobermory Harbour. Peter and Torsten arrived on the “sleeper” from London. They got cheap tickets but ended up in seats not beds so they were quite tired when I met them at Oban Station but nevertheless up for a short 24 nm sail to Tobermory, which is to Mull as Queenborough is to Sheppy. Although there the resemblance ends. It was a perfect start to the great trip with a mix of rain, sun, distant thunder and a few calms. Everything worked well although the engine stalled when we lowered the revs. and the log failed to turn. We rowed ashore for a miniaturised meal and a couple of beers and are enjoying a little lie in before heading off again towards Inverie.

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