Scoresby Sund Expedition 2022

Day 36. 16 th July 2022

03:21 GMT Position 64.25N x 10.52W

We are currently motoring into a slight swell. Our promised strong south winds haven’t kicked in yet but the direction is at least from the south. We are hoping to make landfall at Vopnfjordur on Sunday. The coast guard didn’t receive my crew list email so I have to contact them on VHF as sooon as I am in range. We have just passed through a large group of trawlers, none of which were displaying the trawlers green light. Brilliant red moring sunrise – I’m sure that means something? Goulash soup is now ready to warm us up. Hope all is good on land. This is Sumara – OUT

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  1. It’s heating up here on land. UK first ever RED alert for hot weather. We may reach 40 degrees. Hoping you make a good timely landfall tomorrow. We are thinking of you. Selma OUT

    1. Blimey, I’m still wearing merino leggings plus double merino tops and a big woolly jumper! Can’t imagine that heat. Do take care!

    1. Your wind dance didn’t work but the little diesel engine did its tricks. Arrived safely in Iceland

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