And we are off!

Scoresby Sund Expedition 2022

Day 10. 20th June 2022

Position: Anchored Ornsay, Isle of Skye

Wind: W F3-5. Visibility: Good then mist and very poor. Sea condition: Slight then Moderate

Ardnamurchan Point. This is often known as ‘ard and murky point but aren’t all
headlands a bit like that?

On Sunday evening Phil and I moved the boat to a vacant mooring so we could cast off early at 05:00 the following morning without running aground. True to his word, Phil showed up with a smile on his face at the unearthly early hour so that we could catch the NW going tide up the Sound of Mull. There was little wind, and what little there was, was on the nose but the sky was clear and we had a pleasant motor down the Sound while we gradually woke up. Sailing past Tobermory is a milestone first for me. Normally the delights of the little town are too great to resist but we were keen to make progress so we headed out towards Ardnamurchan were the wind freshened. At last we were sailing under full main and Yankee and making good speed. Soon we were sailing at 6.6 knots and it was time to put in a reef, pole out the Yankee and attach the preventer. Although we were planning to stop at Mallaig, we actually pushed on to Ornsay on the Isle of Skye. Now the wind grew stronger to F5 and visibility dropped right off but allowing just enough visibility to allow us to round up into the bay and anchor in 5 m of good strong mud.

We never made it ashore to enjoy the pleasures of the local hotel but the big bowl of pasta and a few cool beers went down well on board. Although it is the summer, the heater was on too!


The ice conditions in Scoresby Sund are very slowly improving

2 responses to “And we are off!”

  1. Hurrah!! Great result. Happy sailing. First miles knocked off. Fantastic!

  2. It is wonderful to be sailing again!

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