Our new RidgeMonkey square kettle

In the campervan we aim to keep all the cooking paraphernalia in one storage box under the famous back shelf. However, the kettle that we owned simply swallowed up all the space.

I’ve been watching Rodger Barnes’ excellent videos about dinghy cruising. If you haven’t watched them, then I can highly recommend trying a few as an excellent way to lower your blood pressure and just calm down. In one of the videos he gently describes a “Kitchen Box” which he uses on his dinghy and I thought it could be a good concept for the van. The box acts as a wind shield to preserve heat when cooking outside and stores everything together.

But I digress, the thing was the bloody massive kettle that we had on the van stood no chance of scurrying away into any box apart from a tea crate.

The old kettle was far too big and hard to store.

I then decided to have a search and see if there were any alternatives and came across the Museum of Modern Art Cube kettle which looked perfect.

MOMA Cube Kettle

But at about £80.00 by the time you pay for postage it was a step too far – just. So I bought the Ridge Monkey square kettle instead and I must say that I am mighty pleased with it. I bought it from Campervanbits but I believe fishing shops stock them too. It cost under £20.00. Although small, it actually holds 1.1 L (also available in half litre versions). It takes up hardly any space with the handles folded flat, it seems to boil the water much faster then our old kettle. Although the spout looks too small, it actually pours just perfectly. So for the van or tent or dinghy cruising, I reckon it is a great bit of kit. Let’s see how long it lasts.

Sumara has a larger stainless kettle which was given to me as a present from my good friend Paul Elliot. He used it on his Atlantic crossing in 1996. It is full of nostalgia and memories so will remain a treasured item on board. It whistles too which is handy!

Update on the Ridge Monkey Kettle

Why are man hole covers round?

Because they can’t fall down the hole.

So far only a very minor criticism, but the square lid does occasionally slip inside the kettle. Overwise its a great bit of kit.

The Ridge Monkey Kettle has a square lid!

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