New Vertue Spotted – Outlander Vertue II

Vertue II – Outlander

Well not quite “newly spotted” as I knew that Ranulph had his Vertue 2 moored at Dunstaffnage.

It has a small bowsprit which must add to the marina mooring fees, but as Ranulph is the Marina Manager I suppose that isn’t too much of an issue! There are many different rigs on Vertues. The common slutter rig must have made life tricky for short tacking so the bowsprit is a logical solution if the staysail shroud is to remain fixed to the bow.

The boat is called Outlander and is looking very smart with its dark blue hull. The glass fibre Vertues are slightly wider than the wooden versions and irritatingly, they seem to be a bit faster. However, that needs to be conclusively proven, so maybe one day we can organise a mass race – Wood against Glass – and see what happens. No doubt I will come in last, as usual!

Vertue II Outlander

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