Well, I’m say that assuming you are reading this in the middle of April 2021 but if by the wonders of Google you stumble upon this in April 2026 then “Welcome to the 5 year anniversary of the updated Sumara of Weymouth Website”. If you are reading this in 2026 can you tell me if I ever made it to Scoresby Sund?

Our Newly Updated Website

Gerry has done an amazing job transferring the old website to this new one which I can actually operate – at least at this stage, I think I can. Some of the current text is a bit “placeholder” at this stage. There is going to be a bit more functionality and a few tweaks yet to come so please bear with it while I get my act together with the text and Gerry does the clever stuff.

By the way, that is just a picture of the website so don’t try clicking those buttons!

I’ll explain what the new website is all about in the section aptly called “About the Website” so I won’t elaborate here except to say I hope that you enjoy it!


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