A Russion Raft in Reykjavik attemping to Circumnavigate the North Pole – and you thought we were crazy.

Stuart has now left for Ullapool. He really enjoyed the trip but commitments back in Scotland meant that he needed to fly back. We will miss him. Stuart’s industrial yellow Wellies were often the only way the Sumara crew knew where the Thembi crew were. They could be spotted from several miles trudging through the moss on the hillsides around the anchorages. It was strange that on the single occasion when Stuart wore “proper” climbing type boots he got blisters.
Last night we were invited to “Beer ‘n Bergers” on Thembi which was “nailed down” with a massive duff in true Tilman fashion. It was a seriously good duff with bits of ginger, well done Tim. There was a degree of excitement about the evening as we had failed to check in with customs in Isafjordur and they weren’t too happy about it. Thembi had actually tried but the local officers were on holiday. The Reykjavik Customs Officers said they would come and see us between 2100 and 2300 and we must be onboard. Because of the danger of polar bear attack in Greenland I am carrying a .375 rifle and because of the possibility of a serious accident on Beerenberg we have stocks of morphine in the first aid box. It could have been tricky! When I said I was carrying a rifle they simply asked if I had a licence to which I said “yes” and that was that. They were very friendly but customs are taken much more seriously in Iceland than many other countries and it is worth trying to search them out immediately on arrival. They also like you to log in with the Coast Guard and give a passage plan.
Now I am alone on the boat in a windy and drizzly Reykjavik. The crews have hired a car to see the sights but I felt I needed a “Boat Day” to tinker with things and look at charts etc. I think I have slightly miscalculated the amount of time needed to complete the voyage so I may push on to Vestmann Islands or Grindavik and meet with Ray there. Laundry is the next task, the Laudrymat Café has WiFi, fantastic coffee, a bar and a restaurant so it’s no hardship really. Tonight Icelandic Jon, who sailed on Sumara in 2006 from the Faroes to Iceland is coming to visit. It will be good to meet up again.
Tomorrow Sarah flies back to England and Gudrun flies out. It’s all change on Sumara!

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  1. We must take issue with the reference to ‘industrial yellow wellies’! These are commonly worn by commercial fishermen though when they first appeared fishermen all went no way…they have steel toe caps so are very handy when you drop things on them. Scott says Stuart’s are always covered in purple tracer dye. Mine, by the way, are green, being more tasteful (would never be seen in yellow) Robyn

    1. If it wasn’t for your Wellies where would you be,
      You’d be in the hospital or infirmary,
      You’d have a dose of flu or even pleurisy,
      So you better keep your feet in your Wellies.
      Billy Connolly.

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