Position N67,05.4 x W020,36.9. Wind NE F4

We are still under poled out genoa and full main making 5-6 kn. Sumara rolls less with the genoa than with the yankee but it’s still pretty rolly. The wind is gradually backing so in a few hours we will gybe the pole and go on a magic carpet ride towards the North West tip of Iceland.
John has been conducting psycho-analysis on Charlotte. The watch sessions are reminiscent of the Radio 4 program “In the Psychiatrist Chair” but now its “In the Cockpit – with Professor John Halsall”. In particular John has deep concerns over Charlotte’s cleaning fetish. Whereas both John and I feel the cabin sole and the heads are quite clean, Charlotte is under the misguided impression that they are filthy dirty. The questions are probing and disturbing but Professor Halsall believes he may be making some progress. Hopefully after a couple more watches this upsetting trait in Charlotte’s character will be under control.

It looks like we will arrive in Isafjordur on Saturday early evening (famous last words). As you are aware the crew of Sumara and Thembi are the very picture of moderation but nevertheless occasionally after several weeks at sea have been known to visit a pub to celebrate in a very modest way. For those of you with an eye for a good investment, may I suggest a few shares in the Sjallin Pub in Isafjordur. Buy now, sell on 19th July. You heard it here first.
I’ve just had a look in the log book and John claims to have seen a shoal of mermaids broaching at 35 kn. No photos though.

Sent at 18.46GMT 15th July 2011

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  1. I just googled “Sjallin Pub in Isafjordur” and the first return is your blog, and the second return is “Investment Opportunity | Sumara of Weymouth Blog”. haha!

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