Will She Sink?

Sumara is now fully laden the waterline has just disappeared below the water. We are carrying 104 L of diesel, 134 L of water, climbing gear, food, anchor tackle etc. It should be enough to take us to Jan Mayen and then on to Greenland. We will be very restricted in the use of water, no washing, and we will cook with sea water or a mix of sea and fresh whenever we can. We are intending to allow plenty of time to sail to Jan Mayen so we can conserve diesel for Greenland when the wind could be light and we will need to negotiate growlers.
Thembi the Tanker carries about the same amount of diesel but 300 L of water. The Sumara crew always get a strange thirst when we visit Thembi..

The Forepeak Half Full with Gear – There’s still more to squeeze in.
The Aft Locker – without all the rope.

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