Dunstaffnage Marina Near Oban.
I arrived last night to start to prepare Sumara. It has been blowing hard from the South West with plenty of rain so I’ve been trying to tackle the jobs down below. Apparently last week Sumara was virtually submerged by waves in 79 knots of wind – and that’s in the marina! The staff have been great and added a rope or two to hold her off the pontoon. She is quite hard to fender because she is narrow and heels easily. My inflatable uber fender no doubt did some hard work. I’ll try to post the picture of Sumara being almost overwhelmed tomorrow.
The ice in Scoresbysund is still very close 7/10 to 9/10 but does appear to be improving. You can get ice charts from
Go to the Regional Ice Chart Section and chose East Greenland. Scoresbysund is the biggest fjord on the map – it’s the biggest fjord in the world!
Hopefully tomorrow I can start to set up the rigging.

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  1. Looking forward to all the postings and updates, will check in daily, although not expecting anything new every day! Just shout if I can do anything over the course of this epic voyage. sending you and Sumi much love

  2. Amazing windy photos on the blog. Glad you were not there to witness it! Sumi is a great boat and we love Uber fender, well done to them!

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