North West Passage – Day 7 – Allen Bay near Resolute

9th August 2023

Calm before the storm!

We got stuck into the job list in the morning. I was cleaning the deck head which gets pretty mucky from the paraffin cooker and the coal stove. The wind was almost still so we took the dinghy to the mainland rather than re-anchoring so that we could walk to the Narwhal Inn to receive an email from the Canadian Coastguards with the latest ice data. We were half hoping there might be the opportunity to weave through the ice into Peel Sound. Sadly the satellite infra-red images clearly showed a band of impenetrable ice blocking our way. Will downloaded the Windy data which showed strong continuous easterly winds building in a few days. If we don’t get through then we will search for a more protected anchorage nearby where we can ride out the worst of the weather. Sweet corn fritters for dinner!

Sorry loads of photos but struggling to post them.

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