North West Passage – Day 6 – Allen Bay near Resolute

9th August 2023

Resolute Bay

Integrity anchored in Allen Bay

Yesterday we worked on various tasks around the boat before re-anchoring back near the mainland shore. We were due to have guests for the evening so it would make the dinghy ride simpler. The 60 m of 1/2″ chain is hauled up by a hand winch and then flaked into the locker so it will run freely on deployment.

I am not sure how Will arranged this but once again the incredibly helpful Canadian Mounted Police came to collect us from the shore in their off road 4×4 Ford pickups. We needed 40 L of diesel and 100 L of fresh water so their help was hugely appreciated. We are anchored several miles from the settlement. We got some WIFI at the Police Station and filled up with water. We did a bit of sightseeing before being driven back to the boats.

Allen Bay is top left, protected by May Island. We anchored in various places depending on the wind. The airport was half-way to Resolute

Arthur had prepared some fresh pasta (yes, he actually made the pasta!) and a pumpkin sauce for our guests but by 18:00LT they hadn’t arrived. We waited another hour then scoffed the lot. I was then introduced to the card game called “Shit Head” which is popular among anchor bound Polar Sailors. Whilst we were in town Will downloaded as much weather and ice data as possible. He spoke to the Canadian Coastguards on VHF. They had anchored in the bay for a crew change. The ice in the Peel Straight was proving very stubborn. Even the Coastguards would not attempt it. Integrity is the first yacht to make it this far so far this season but with high winds and continuing 9/10ths ice we may be here for another week. There is a possible plan to sneak out tonight or tomorrow morning before the wind builds and try to anchor before the ice in the Peel Straight.

Today one, or all of us, may walk to the airport to try to download more weather and ice reports. That could be my chance to send this blog post otherwise there may be a long delay.

Some Arctic Cotton grass from May Island. This was once used as a wick placed in a hollow stone and loaded with seal blubber. It would be enough to head a snow house.

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