10th May 2015

Stroud, Gloucestershire

Tim and I enjoy a moment at the end of the Marathon
Tim and I enjoy a moment at the end of the Marathon

That’s Stroud pronounced a bit like a shroud rather than Strood which sounds a bit like rude. I mention this because a lot of people thought I was running in a flat area of Kent rather than the hilly Cotswolds. I’m sure Strood is very nice but it can’t be as nice as Stroud. This trail run is a corker. It has 800 m of ascent with running alongside shady canals, through woods covered with wild garlic and bluebells and up onto open heath with long views. There is a choice between a “Half” Marathon and a “Full” Marathon but both are slightly over length. There were a few of us running equally split between the full and half distances. The route is the same for 14 miles but the start times are an hour apart so we couldn’t run together. We had perfect conditions with pretty dry surface but nice and soft underfoot. I ran in “barefoot” trainers, well Nike call them barefoot. Trail shoes would be needed if it was wet. We had to carry a 500 ml water bottle although it need not have any water in it. I wore a belt, some had rucksacks and some ran with an old water bottle in their hands. I ran out of steam at around 20 miles and slowed down a bit but still finished at 4 hr 54 minutes which was mid fleet. Fastest time was about 3 hr 30 min and slowest was near to 8 hr. This is not a route for PB’s but can’t be beaten for organisation and gorgeous scenery. Highly recommended,

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