Deal Half Marathon 2015

Deal, Kent

8th February 2015
I decided to attempt the Deal Half Marathon again this year, swayed partly by a kind offer of local accommodation and feeding by my friend Philip. Deal is a well run friendly event hosted by the local triathlon club. It starts at a very civilised 10.30 and you can register on the day. Philip had fed me well and drove me up to the start. It was a glorious dry sunny day and not too cold. During the run I found myself behind a couple running together and the male half told his female partner that she should drop behind if she was struggling and he would wait for her at the end. She did drop back and eventually dropped behind me too. At about mile 7 I caught up with the male runner and stayed about 50 m behind for at least a mile. At about mile 9 I heard someone coming up behind me with a strong powerful pace and his partner powered past me with a big smile on her face. I decided to try to close on the male runner to get his reaction as she caught up and he looked slightly peeved! They ran together for 100 m then she shot off ahead probably saying “if you are struggling just drop behind and I’ll wait for you at the end”!
I finished after 1 hour 44 minutes and 43 seconds my best ever time. The day was topped off by a whacking great big roast beef lunch in the newly decorated Rising Sun in North Street. Brilliant day!

Next on the running agenda is the very tough Steyning Stinger on 1st March. It is a struggle to beat two hours on the very hilly cross country course.

The finish line of Deal's Half Marathon
The finish line of Deal’s Half Marathon

2 responses to “Deal Half Marathon 2015”

  1. Am enjoying reading your blog. I am a keen New Zealand yacht owner and sailor. I am very impressed by the Vertue yacht design and would love to make it my next yacht.

    I used to do some running and nearly made it to a marathon once about 400 years ago – these days I regard it a form of insanity, not unlike how other people regard my sailing exploits.

    Hope its ok to read and continue to comment on your very interesting blog.

    1. Glad you enjoy it. Now the blog is a few years old I find it quite a useful way of remembering old sailing voyages, walks and runs. I need to get the boat varnished back in the water now spring is on its way. Say hello to New Zealand for me!

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