Fell Running and Invertors

You may be wondering what happened to my enthusiastic blog. It all started well with lots of posts and then it stopped just as it was going to get exciting. Well my first excuse was that the ship invertor stopped working – it  just tripped the contact breaker. I decided against gaffer taping the breaker on as apparently it is poor form. That meant my lap top went flat so it was bye bye blog.

Trouble is everyone has mobiles but not many people have 12v chargers so it became obvious that the world would simply grind to a halt and collapse if the good ship didn’t have an invertor. Grit and I had a fleeting moment in Oban to try to buy one in the Car Spares Shop. The man behind the counter just couldn’t believe it. He had sold six that morning! He really thought we were winding him up!

It’s a funny old world when you need an invertor to go running but mobiles are fairly important on this race. The runners need to warn the boat crew half an hour before finishing so the anchor and mainsail can be raised ready for the pick up. They are a useful safety device too.

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